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Ross Grieve,
The Photographer


Portrait Photographer, Commercial Photographer, Street Photographer, and Educator.

From the age of 14, I was always fascinated with the science behind getting a print onto paper. I’m not talking about inkjet, I’m talking about that chemical process of exposing the paper correctly and seeing the image appear in front of you as the paper is bathed in developer.

When I was 15 I joined the Camera Club at my high school, I was hooked, the inner geek came out in me.


Learning the skills was something that lit a spark.


from the age of 15, I said to myself, I want to have my own photography business, become a photographer. Not for the glamorous lifestyle, but for the love of making images.

My parents don’t have a creative bone in their bodies, but they encouraged me. They could see I loved it, they could see that passion abut photography in my eyes.

The following year I decided I wanted to do Art as my main subject in the 7th form, little did I know till after my portfolio was marked that my Art Teacher had given me the wrong syllabus, and only half of my portfolio was marked. At the time I was so disappointed, but over time this actually gave me a different set of skills that I could apply to my photography.

We don’t always start in our dream job of choice, and I spent three years in retail and one as a graphic artist. Those three retail years were brilliant for people skills and learning to deal with and read people, all skills that as photographers we use every day.

Skip forward to the present day,

I have been a photographer for
almost 25 years.


I love it, the people you meet, the stories we share. As photographers, no matter what genre you’re into, we are all some kind of historian. But to make this even more effective we need to ensure that those memories don't stay on a hard drive, we need to get them printed. I guess I’ve always loved seeing images printed, they are more appealing and much easier to access, especially if they are on show in your home.


Print is king and will always be
in my mind.

Associate of The British Institute of Professional. Photography (ABIPP)

Associate of the Master Photographers Association. (AMPA)

Ross is a Lumix Ambassador, an Elinchrom Ambassador, an Adobe Influencer, Lexar Partner and a Calibrite Ambassador

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Peter Morgan,
The Techie


Wedding, Commercial, Headshot Photographer, Drone Pilot

I love photography and gadgets.  It would be safe to say


I'm obsessed with technology.  


I mean, I've done lots of things in my life and I've worked in the computer and telecommunications industry from the age of 16.  


I'm an apple and Wintel engineer, backup, and disaster recovery specialist and have been supporting individuals and businesses for over 25 years.

I became a photographer in 2014 after selling my IT company to pursue taking pictures.  I found that my skills as an IT engineer meant that


great photographers trusted me with their business technology


I often traded my fixing skills for photography training to learn as much as I could about every different genre of photography finally finding my niche with weddings and headshots. 

With my main jobs as a photographer postponed thanks to the global pandemic, I began looking at where the real problems for photographers and creatives lay and this is where
Tech for Togs came into fruition as I was being asked for help on Facebook with around  20-30 requests daily.

I really look forward to helping creatives and solving the issues that pause their creation process is immensely satisfying.

Most photographers don't have a robust, stress-tested backup solution.


As a photographer, having that solution workflow and knowledge is invaluable for the creative industry.

Licentiate of the Societies of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (LSWPP)

Qualified Guild of Wedding Photographers (QGWP)

Winner of the Guild of Photographers Special Contribution to Photography award 2016

Trained with Roberto Valenzuela (Canon Explorer of Light, Author, and Trainer), Frankfurt 2017

Trained with World Reknown Headshot Photographer Canon Explorer of Light, Author and Trainer Peter Hurley 2019