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Laptop and Computer Mouse


Claire Connold, Photographer
Claire Connold Photography

"Peter helped me recently when I was having a complete crisis with my Mac. It was such a relief to have expert advice but especially from a photographer who knew my specific needs. Peter provides a unique service for togs and I would recommend him thousand times."

Philip Willcocks
PDWS Photography

"I joined a webinar Peter ran for photographers and found it most helpful. I was able to message Peter directly afterward and he helped me out with questions and advice on Mac system upgrades and hardware. I will certainly be glad to use Peter’s services with any tech issues I may have in the future."

Patrick Barnett - Photographer
Patrick Barnett Photography Ltd

"Peter is always my first stop for techie advice and all the gear he has put together for my business has worked flawlessly - highly recommended"

Dave Wall, Photographer, Retoucher, Educator
Dave Wall Photo
"I am tech savvy - but when I can't fathom out my Mac and what it is doing - I only have ONE port of call - Peter - nobody else - just Peter - advice that is simple to digest and understand"

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