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Why do I need a UPS as a photographer?

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

APC Smart-UPS 1500VA, Tower, LCD 230V with SmartConnect Port.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

So why would you need a piece of kit like this as a photographer? And what the hell is a UPS?

The answer comes proceeded by a question. Do you need access to your imagery and files from home or your studio? If yes then this piece of kit is essential.

Let me a put a scenario to you. All your imagery and files to do with your photography business are stored on your NAS. You're out on a photographic job and need access to a specific image or file. Trying to connect to your NAS over the internet you realise that your power has gone off in the house or studio and you suddenly have no access.

With a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) connected to your NAS, Switch, Router or wifi, even if the power goes off you'll still have access for a limited time. Essentially a UPS is a big battery connected to an intelligent computer that charges from the mains when it's not being used and kicks in when it recognises the power is no longer available from the grid. (The bigger the battery in the UPS the longer you'll uptime have (also dependant on the devices you have connected to it of course and the power they draw from the battery).

The Smart option on this UPS model also warns when the battery needs replacing and restarts connected equipment when the power

comes back on if the connected battery has run down.

In a fully connected world, if you don't want to rely on services like Dropbox, Onedrive or

Google drive to get your images or files over the internet. This could be part of the solution.

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