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Why create a blog like this, who am I and why should you listen to ANYTHING I have to say!

My name is Peter Morgan. I'm a Commercial, Portrait and Wedding photographer, a licensed drone pilot and and ever since I can remember I have had 2 fanatical loves. Photography and technology.

I started fixing computers at a young age and had my first computer around the age of 8. A Commodore Vic 20! for those that are interested and around about the same time I had my first camera. A Kodak instamatic that took 110 film. From there grew a love of gadgets and cameras that has taken me into my 40's.

In the subsequent years that followed I started my own computer business helping both mac and pc users with the emphasis on supporting tv and film companies and photographic users.

After closing my company in 2014 I went back to work as an IT contractor and did this for various companies up until the start of my photography company Morgan James Media in October 2015 and Morgan James Photography in 2016. I didn't only want to take beautiful pictures but also create images that were individual and iconic and different from things i'd seen before.

Since the start of my company I've taken on the role of unofficial technical support for the Guild of Photographers helping photographers vexed with technical queries, stumped with software issues and frustrated with the lack of credible answers out there. I've qualified as a commercial drone pilot and am registered with the CAA and use my drones to fly at events and weddings capturing images from a different view.

This blog seeks to extend on the knowledge i've already put out there and also serve as a base for finding articles and help on technical issues that face photographers. We'll be talking about hardware. ie. cameras, hard drives, computers, ram, printers, scanners, tablets, laptops, screens and software. i.e adobe lightroom, photoshop, Mac OS, Windows, Office and much more.

Joining me on my journey will be Paul Poynter, owner and photographer at White Dove Photography. Paul, like me has had a background in IT and is a successful award winning photographer from Wales but based in Bristol. Paul shoots using #Nikon kit whilst i prefer to use #Canon so expect a few interesting conversations on #whohasthebestkit, and does kit even matter?

For those that wish to subscribe to our blog and newsletter we'll be sending out regular updates on new tech and commenting on up and coming changes in the technology industry as well as giving you new ideas to make your life a little easier whilst creating fantastic images and content.

Thanks for reading, listening and subscribing.

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