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Workflow is the key.

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

What is meant when we say workflow? From my point of view its how we deal with the pictures we create from the point we press the shutter to the point we deliver to the client and possibly after that.

This is my workflow. Hopefully by seeing what i do then you'll maybe start looking at what you do to improve, speed up or optimise how you work and reduce the snags that cause delays in projects and otherwise unintentional problems.

Wedding Photography.

Each of my 2 cameras has 2 card slots. in 1 i have a 64gb SD card. In the other a 128GB SD card. Both Sandisk Extreme Pro. (This is not an advert for Sandisk, just my brand of choice - other makes are available). I use 2 cards in the camera with one backing up to the other as I shoot to minimise the problems a faulty card would bring. I carry a spare 64GB card on me to swap out during the day.

Whilst the couple are eating during the wedding breakfast i'm busy plugging my card into my Lacie DJI CoPilot BOSS (Backup on set system).

The DJI Copilot will back up the contents of my card onto the drive ensuring if anything should happen to my cards or cameras then i'll have the files up to that point saved.

We edit around 50 images to show that evening to the guests, bride and groom and family.

Once i've returned home the contents of the cards are loaded onto my Lacie Rugged drive. This is a USB3 Drive plugged directly into my mac so as to enable fast editing directly to and from the drive. The SD cards are put to one side and kept till i've uploaded the fully edited contents to the backup NAS and online.

Once the galleries are edited, the completed images plus any extra images i'm not publishing are transferred over to the Synology 1812+ NAS - with just under 20TB of space in this enclosure and SHR Raid set up this gives me secure, safe backup and allows me to see the files wherever i am via the mobile app or a computer.

(Picture is of the DS1819+ and updated model to the one i use as the DS1812+ is now discontinued)

The images then also get uploaded to Zenfolio. This allows the couple, their family and friends to see, download and purchase prints, wall art etc.

Thats my wedding workflow. In a future blog we'll be looking at how technology can benefit a travel photographer.

Links to the products i use can be found below.

Synology Large onsite NAS

BOSS Lacie Copilot (backup on site)

Sandisk 128GB Cards (CF)

Sandisk 64GB Cards (CF)

Onsite Backup with 

Additional backup online and customer portal through Zenfolio

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